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Safe School Climate

student and teacher with silly glasses
The Safe School Climate Committee is responsible for developing and fostering a safe school climate and addressing issues relating to bullying in the school. The GPS definition of “school climate” means the quality and character of school life with a particular focus on the quality of the relationships within the school community between and among students and adults.

We embed our District norms in all aspects of our school life:
  • Be here,
  • Be Honest,
  • Be Safe,
  • Care for Self and Others,
  • Let Go and Move On.
Cos Cob School recognizes the four foundational pillars of a safe school climate and the twelve dimensions of school climate created by the National School Climate Center. These are:

1. Safety:
a. Rules and Norms
b. Sense of Physical Security
c. Sense of Social-Emotional Security

2. Teaching and Learning:
a. Support for Learning
b. Social and Civic Learning

3. Interpersonal Relationships:
a. Respect for Diversity
b. Social support-adults
c. Social Support-students
d. Leadership
e. Professional Relationships

4. Environment-External:
a. School Connectedness/Engagement

b. Physical Surroundings